Unit testing in R for Sheffield R User Group

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These are my notes on unit testing in R developed for the Sheffield R User Group on 6 March 2018.

I find your lack of unit tests disturbing


We need to install a few packages to perform tests and check test coverage. usethis makes the setup easier.

install.packages(c("usethis", "testthat", "covr"))

usethis expects your project to behave like a package, so we should add a DESCRIPTION and NAMESPACE:


It also wouldn’t hurt to add a license and a README.

Then set up our testing framework:


Remote automated testing (advanced)

We won’t be automating these checks with continuous integration or test coverage services because:

  1. These tend to be most useful for package developers
  2. They’re quite involved to set up correctly
  3. It typically requires uploading a copy of any data sets for testing, which is not practical if the data are protected and/or larger than a few MB.

If you do want to set this up you need to:

  1. Set up travis (usethis::use_travis())
  2. Set up coverage (usethis::use_coverage()). Both and are free for open source projects, and allows you to test coverage for one private github repo.

Start testing

Now you’re set up you can clone or download this repo (download and extract the repo if you don’t know what this means) and follow the examples in unit-testing-in-r.nb.html.